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Feb 21, 2020

ON kiteboarding Designs and manufactures quality innovative Kites and Wingsurfing equipment. Based in Maui, Hawaii a paradise for wind and waves, an unparalleled environment to allow pioneers of Kitesurfing and Wingsurfing to develop equipment in the best conditions.


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Feb 16, 2020

Aaron Hadlow is a professional kiteboarder and a 5-time World Champion and 2-time winner of the RedBull King of the Air. Aaron finished 3rd in the 2020 King of the Air.



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Feb 15, 2020

Clement Hout is a professional Kiteboarder from France, a team rider for Naish Kites and has just competed in the RedBull King of the Air.


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Feb 11, 2020

Ryan Levinson is a kitesurfer and adventurer. He and his wife have been sailing around the world for the last 5 years.

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